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Have to flush 2 or 3 times to empty toilet bowl

Have 30 year old american standard one piece toilet purchased in 1979. Recently plumber installed new fill valve model #2003 no vent away. Inside tank there is date nov 10, 1977 828 2003 K77. Have to flush 2 or 3 times to remove waste in toilet. When I push flush knob, why doesn't the water come in with sufficient volume and force to remove contents of bowl? I wrote letter to American Standard and they did not have a solution. Do you have any advice to cure problem? Thank you.

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Jan 14, 2010 · It takes two to three flushes to empty my toilet. ... You shouldn't have to double-flush the toilet. ... This is what fills the bowl after the flush.
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Repair when Flushing. ... as rust to build up in the rim feed and jet holes of the toilet bowl. Over time, ... If you have a toilet that uses 3.5 gallons per flush ...
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It takes two or three flushes to clear the toilet bowl. ... This is what fills the bowl after the flush. If the bowl is not filled prior to ... Another time, I had a ...
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Why Does My Toilet Flush Twice? ... when you flush, water flows into the toilet bowl through the main valve. A little water might also come in through the flow ...
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A flush toilet is a toilet that ... but requires a high volume of water in a very short time. Thus a 3 ... thus causing the bowl to empty rapidly due to the siphon ...
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Have to flush 2 or 3 times to empty toilet bowl

Hello, this is a standard toilet you will need to inspect the flapper that is the rubber flap that holds the water up in the tank it works when you pull the lever it pulls the chain upward and lets the water flow if this flapper is old it may not stay up long enough for the water to flow. open the tank top and flush the toilet see if this flapper is staying up long enough and giving the tank enough time to empty if not change this rubber flapper its inexpensive part. if this is not the reason then you need to adjust your water filler valve there should be a small screw on top of the pivoting float arm if you have to adjust it for the water limit line inside the tank this will be the proper amount of water needed to flush once completely also check that the chain lenth on the pull lever is not pulling the flapper down quicker than its supposed to, try this let me know your results hope it helps
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My toilet doesn't flush every time I flush it! It only flush If I pour a little more water into toilet bowl while water coming down toilet bowl! I've checked water level in tank and it was full filled to proper level. I bought my American Standard toilet last year. It works fine in a month and after that I had this flushing problem! Please tell me what went wrong. I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

I think the problem with your toilet bowl is in the tank fitting of better check if the fittings are proprerly working..You also check the flapper and also the fillvalve. If it is not good already you can replace it by buying the tank fittings at the hardware store..And you better also be check it to your plumber for the second thought..
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American Standard Toilet does not flush except on rare occasions. Most of the time the water just swirls around but doesn't flush out. Waste is left in the toilet but the water does not back up in the bowl as it would if it was plugged up. Have 2 other toilets that flush fine using the same sewer line without a ptoblem

I would suspect some sort of air lock in the pipe, or just a partial blockage which is slowing the water flow. You may be able to clear it using a rubber plunger. You need a plunger that has a metal or hard plastic disk fitted above the rubber cup (to prevent the cup turning inside out). If you have an ordinary plunger without the disk you could probably make one to fit it - perhaps the bottom cut out of a plastic drinks bottle and a hose clip to hold it in place. You will need to work the plunger quite vigorously up and down in the toilet bowl to force a pulse of water through the system. Pouring a large bucket full of water down the toilet after plunging may have more impact than just normal flushing. It will also refill the trap.
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Flushing problem with American Standard toilet model 2474

American Standard 2474016.222 also had the same problem mine had two discs apparently on efrom factory perhaps and one from the floating disc that must have fallen off I used a screw to get them out adn drained as much water as possible then went back and forth adding water a little at a time and then using a tolwel to sponge the water out (no shop vac around) After findign one I then found the other. This post saved me sooo much money adn I have dealt with the intermittant problem for years in this spare bathroom THANK YOU SO MUCH
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Cadet 3 round bowl toilet not flushing all from bowl

You are probably correct, the water level needs to be raised. There are many different toilet tank systems, but all have some way to control the water level in the tank. Let me know if you need help figuring it out... P.S. You'll have to take the lid off the tank, first...pardon me if that is too obvious
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Installed new tank. Flushed fine 2 times, then

The flapper isn't staying open long enought, try holding down the handel for a few seconds each time u flush.
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American Standard Elongated toilet bowl water level slowly drops

The tank holding the proper amount of water is a good sign. The inside of the stool is like the GOOSE NECK under you sink. It always holds water. This may sound like a bit of a hassle to do but if all 3 toilets are identical, here is what you can try if you are a bit handy. Go to the hardware store and purchase 4 toilet wax rings with a plastic flange and a few sets of toilet floor flange bolts(they are cheap and you can always return if not used, as It is better to have xtra parts on hand). Turn off the water supply to the "Mystery Toilet". Leave the tank and everything connected to the stool. Flush the toilet and remove all excess water from the tank and bowl. This can be done with a shop vac, sponge or towel. Disconnect the water supply to the tank. Remove the bolts holding the stool to the floor and carefully remove toilet. Scrap off all the old wax from the floor flange and bottom of stool. Now go and repeat this proceedure to one of the toilets that is working properly. In other words Switch the "Mystery Toilet" with a "Working Toilet" and see how they react. If the working toilet does it in the same bathroom and the "Mystery Toilet" does not do it in the other bathroom then you probably have a VENTING PROBLEM. If the "Mysery Toilet" Does it in the other bathroom then you most likely have a Defective Toilet. This Job is best done by 2 people, as it can sometimes be challenging to center the new wax ring on the toilet flange. Reconnect to the floor and reconnect water supply to the tanks. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN BOLTS to the floor flange as you may crack the toilet. All drain lines must be vented properly for water to flow. If you are curious check out drain venting on the internet. Also, sometimes a vent can become obstructed with debris, ice, bird nest, etc.. I would 1st check the vent on the roof visually and then have someone flush and listen. If you believe the vent is clear....Then do the toilet switch and go from there.....Hope this helps and Happy Holidays....Joe
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American standard FloWise Dual Flush toilet flushes fine, but there is very low water level in bowl. How do I fix?

Raise the float mechanism
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