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Water valve jammed

The cold water valve in the airing cupboard is jammed in the open position.I can't shut the valve in order to replace the tap washer in the bath.What do you suggest I do?I did not want to use too much force in case I broke something.

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Danze control valves producing loud water hammer

It sounds like your flow diverter isn't closing properly. Try removing the flow restrictors from the shower nozzle and see if that helps.
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Kohler 30 year old single handle shower valve - cold water only

Is this a dual handle or single handle? if it is a single handle turn the valve 180 degree. if not, then check the cold water supply line.
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We have a home that is 3 years old. We never used the 3rd bathroom shower until today. We have a Moen single knobe shower/bath valve. To get water from the faucet you pull the knob out. To adjust the water temp - Left for hot and right for cold. When rotated to the left for hot the water shuts off. When rotated to the right we get only cold water. Could the valve be installed wrong or could the cartridge be installed wrong? Kevin

Remove handle to gain acess to the temperature limit stop. Remove handle and pull out handle adapter kit and next there is a dail that can be adjusted to control the water to balance the temp. It could have been installed wrong, pay attention to where it is now and pull it back to it disengages out of the stem and move it counter clockwise a little and reinstall. Put handle on and test water for correct movement. Go to link below for a part's diagram if needed. TO ORDER PARTS CALL: 1-800-465-6130
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New fill valve streams water out the top nozzle

Hello llettieri, You did NOT include ANY NOMENCLATURE... (make, model) of or relating to your new or old valves... So all you are going to get is YES... GENERICALLY... there are SMALL tube configurations where there is a controlled water port that is open toward the BACK of the tank... (other than the main supply) No... NOT DEFECTIVE. In every CASE where I have seen them... The NEW VALVE INCLUDED a hose & clip to shoot that water down the tank overflow. Since the toilet is essentially UNUSABLE with that port open... SCAMPERING back down to the PLUMBER'S SUPPLY and your receipt seems to be your only OPTION. If possible... I would recommend the UPGRADE as... (in my opinion) it makes for a cleaner & fresher TOILET BOWL.. (it does cost a wee bit more water). or ALTERNATIVELY explain why you prefer to scrub more often... and go for the EXACT VALVE you previously "enjoyed". Hope this helped Barnett Supplies for the Commercial Contractor Plumbing Electrical HVAC... Barnett Supplies for the Commercial Contractor Plumbing Electrical HVAC... Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit Faucet Trim... Fluidmaster 400A Anti Siphon Toilet Tank Fill Valve Toilet Water Tanks... Carnac the Magnificent
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Moen single handle valve tub/shower

The Moen Posi-Temp Valve is a pressure balanced valve and when not used for long periods of time they can stick causing only cold or hot water to pass through the valve. A New Posi-temp cartridges can be purchased at most plumbing supply houses or big box outlets such as Lowes or Home Depot. As long as you had cold water before, a new cartridge will solve the problem. In the future it would be wise to occassionally operate the valve at least a couple of times a month in order to keep the pressure assembly from becoming lodged in position. Just follow the instructions included with the new cartridge on the proper removal of the old cartridge and the installation of the new cartridge. a little silicone grease inside of the valve before installing the new cartridge will also help. Be sure that there is no particles of the old cartridge left in the valve. sanray
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I have a moen shower faucet. Previously I was getting only hot water or only cold water But when you quickly twist the knob a clunk type sound would come from inside the wall and then we were able to get warm water. the faucet was also leaking so I replace the cartridge and now I only have hot water. I have tried to take the cartridge out and fiddle around with it but it does not change. I suspect there maybe Some other type of valve that is stuck The faucet is old and we have a well system at home Can I take the guts of the other valves out and perhaps just bypassed the systems all together

It's hard to say without seeing it for myself, however, it seems to me that you have a Moen Shower Faucet with an anti-scald feature called positemp. You need locate the screw on the cartridge and loosen it, while adjusting the dial clockwise or counter-clockwise with your fingers and tighten the screw back up. Clockwise for warmer, counter for cooler. Also check to see that your cartridge was inserted properly.
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I have a pioneer shower valve that has pressure problem

The way anti-scald valves work is there is a slide tube inside the faucet which requires pressure from both hot and cold or else it will cut off the flow. As for temperature adjust I do not believe there is an adjustment screw but more so there are these white plastic toothed stop rings which prevent the handle from turning 360 degrees. When your adjust the stop ring, it adjusts how much hot water is allowed to mix with the cold water. My wife likes her showers a lot hotter than I, so I gave a good allowance with the stop ring. The "adjustment screws" which you are viewing are not for adjustment of temperature, they are remote cut-off screws to stop the water entirely to change the washers in the unit if needed. SO open those all the way and leave them open. Think of them as not having to go all the way into the basement to shut off the water supply just to change a few washers.
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Water valve jammed

Hi it sounds as though its stuck due to verdigris & scale, a common problem.if you break it all thats likely to happen is the spindle will shear off, which will mean a new one anyway. If you dont want to do this I suggest you turn off the water to the storage tank & open the cold taps till the water stops you can then replace the washer.whilstthe water is drained i suggest a new valve to be fitted for future servicing etc, also it might pay you to fit a service valve on the supply to the tap.
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