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Flush Toto less than year old. Following flush (which is not quiet), remains ru nning for extended period of time. Then, on many occasions, following running, toilet makes a "hissing" sound then it physically "vibrates/shakes" for a few seconds. (The ice maker also rattles during this process). I am afraid it may be jarring the bolts loose, or doing perminent damage.

Posted by rtmercer on Dec 12, 2008

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Flush Toto less than year old. Following flush (which is not quiet), remains ru nning for extended period of time. Then, on many occasions, following running, toilet makes a "hissing" sound then it physically "vibrates/shakes" for a few seconds. (The ice maker also rattles during this process). I am afraid it may be jarring the bolts loose, or doing perminent damage.

It sounds to me as though its the ballvalve not shutting off properly & when it does shut off the noise you hear is a water hammer, and my guessing is you have a water meter with a back flow prevention valve fitted so when the ballvalve shuts off the pressure exerted on the valve cant go anywhere due to the back flow unit so the noise is the water reverberating through loose pipe-work, annoying but not damaging
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Our pipes (seems mainly in the kitchen) rattle fiercly when the outside tap (which is right outside the window from the kitchen!) when the outside tap is turned more than 1/4 turn (approximately). It does seem to be just in the kitchen area. And if I open any other tap in the house (full or part) there is no rattling. It's just the outside tap... I suspected air in the system, but have gone through the whole house opening taps one at a time (making sure I run water out both the cold and hot). I started this in the basement and worked up to the second floor. I've also flushed all the toilets. I haven't done any plumbing in the past 4 or 5 months. A friend told me there have been problems like this caused by temperature control systems. The outside tap is the farthest outlet from the upstairs shower that has the temperature control. I have a Moen Model 3371 temperature control in my shower. This system was put in three years ago (June 2008) I don't know if there is any information on this system that might help adjust it, or trouble shoot a part that is needed? Another place I suspect may be a problem is at the outside tap. There is a small water leak at the outside tap. It doesn't seem all that serious and I've had leaks like that before without any problem. Over the past 4 months we've had a periodic small leak from the washing machine. It appears to be a seal at the shaft. We will be replacing the machine in the next few months.I would think if this was the cause it would affect other taps??

Hi.the only thing i can think of that would only affect one tap is a faulty non-return outside tap should have a non return valve fitted is a basic one-way valve. if it sticks, the valve may open suddenly, and then close rapidly as the pressure drops slightly in the plumbing. this sudden opening and closing, with the resulting rise and fall in water pressure in the pipes could well cause the pipes to rattle.the valve could be built into the tap, or into an isolator tap for the outside could also just be a 2" long (approx) fitting on the pipe leading to the outside.i do not think the shower or the other minor leaks would be the cause.i think you are correct in believing it would affect the other taps.hope this helps.please feel free toask if you need more advice.
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Sanibest toilet is LOUD when flushed

Shut down the power and pull the pump from the unit and give it a exam. There might be something as simple as a item that was flushed down the toilet (pencil, pens, combs, etc.) or just a hair clump. Check that the float is free to track fully up and down. Good Luck!
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HELP! How do I fix a toilet that will not flush? I suspect the wax seal has not sealed properly due to tile floor being added and raising the level of the toilet. Could this be the problem?

I would have used low power jet wash with pipe cleaning attachment when the toilet was off, I know karcher do a good 1 but there are cheaper alternatives. The last toilet I fitted had a large rubber type seal between the wate outflow pipe and the out pipe of the toilet that fitted over the base of the pipe. I have never seen a wax type seal as you describe, admittedly I have not changed many toilets, but I would have changed the seals when the tiolet was lifted. Hope this helps
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Toilet flushes weakly and two times

After working for ROTO-ROOTER for 20 + years, I have come across this problem more than twice. There are many problems that can be included, but let's start with the most simple and go from there. Step 1... Check your roof vent to see if it is obstructed with debris, such as birds nest, frozen ice, dead animal...etc..... To check this you must go onto the roof and find the sewer vent(it is not hard to find as it smells like sewer). Visually look into the vent even using a flashlight to make sure there is nothing obstructing the vent pipe. certain things can clog your vent such as Debris,Birbs Nest, Ice, dead animal,Etc..A drain line needs a air vent so water can flow....If nothing is visually seen , have someone flush the stool. If you cannot see any obstructions and HEAR THE FLUSH, Your Vent is okay. Check out plumbing and venting on the internet for more reference. If this is not your problem then you must pull the stool and see if there is an object stuck in the toilet......Comb, toothbrush, Etc... The best way is to pull the stool from the floor and look from the bottom of the toilet to see if there is an object stuck inside the stool.Turn off the water supply and disconnect it from the tank. Go to your local hardware store and buy 2 wax rings with plastic flanges and a set of flange bolts(these are cheap and can be returned if not used).Turn off the water supply to the toilet tank and flush it to drain all the water from the tank and the stool. You can use a shop vac or an old towel to remove the water. After removing the stool, lay it on its side and look from the bottom to see if there are any obstructions. You may need a mirror and flashlight to see inside the gooseneck of the stool. If you cannot see any obstructions, you can try to dump a 5 gallon bucket of water through the bottom of the stool to push the object out the way it entered. NOTE: When reinstalli8ng the stool, be careful not to over-tighten the floor flange bolts as you might crack the toilet......Joe
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Toilet wont flush completely. it may take 4 times or more to flush solids. i at first thought this was related to heavy rains we had been receiving in the area over a period of about 4 months. 2 days after the heavy rains, the toilet would flush fine. now, it does not flush properly ever, again, 4 times or more to flush everything. i installed fluidmaster whole toilet repair kit recently, toilet still wont flush properly. while showering, the toilet will gurgle constantly as long as water is draining from the tub. shortly after all water has drained from tub, toilet stops gurgling, then, 30-60 seconds later gurgling sounds come from the tub drain, and continue 6-7 times about 60 seconds apart. i have checked the air vent from the roof, it is clear. i have pulled the toilet, the drain below the toilet is clear. this tub and toilet are the only two fixtures draining to the mainline pipe leaving the house leading to the back yard. house is approx. 40+ years old, i suspect it drains into septic tank but not sure about septic tank. it is not a municipal sewer system. what could be causing the toilet not to flush, and all the gurgling of the toilet and tub?

There is no air release. the vent must be clogged somewhere. you can take a hose up there and see if it drains all the way or floods over. since the tub drain has a trap and the toilet itself is a trap, there has to bee a good amount of air pressure coming up without a release. i would say an obstruction. possibly at the junction of the main and the vent.
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Toilet drains very very slow when flushed, then toilet empties down to the hole and will only fill up again when flushed. snaked everything so there appears to be no clog that we can tell, plus tub and sink drain fine. also, when toilet is filling up, water comes from both little tube on the right and also the valve thing on the left at the same time inside the back tank. also noticed that when the toilet is flushed, bubbles are coming in from the hole in bottom of toilet- and i think that is not supposed to happen when flushed as stuff is supposed to be going down instead right. toilet is new-worked for a couple weeks then just boom -it all came together. should i buy new guts or new toilet thanks you in advance for your help

Hi, The problem is not the toilet... changing it will only will only be wasting your money! The problem is in the plumbing...the air in the pipes has no place to go when the water comes from the toilet being it bubles up through and messes everything up... The vent pipe of the system is either frozen or it has sagged somewhere and is full of water.... You will need to find/figure out why the system cannot vent properly and get it fixed.... The vent pipe is the pipe that sticks out the top of your roof... something is blocking that pipe... heatman101
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