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Water continues to drip from fill tube after the fill.

It drips or even runs slowly.  If I turn off water supply it continues to drip for minutes and then stops. The amount of water in bowl diminishes when I turn off the water. Why? If the water supply remains on, the toilet makes a sound as though it is topping off the fill every so often. Also how do I adjust the water level in the tank. I see the device but do not know how to work it to lower the level which is very near the top of the overflow tube.Thank you!

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Water continues to drip from fill tube after the fill.

Chances are the flapper is leaking. Thats causing the random refilling as the tank slowly loses water into the bowl. Replace the flapper with only the best available at your supply house. the cheap ones tend to leak even when new. The good ones are less than 8 bucks most places. If your fill valve has the float ball, there should be a screw right on top of the fill valve at the end of the rod holding the ball to adjust the water level. Closckwise lowers the level. Be carefull not to break the plastic ones. If the adjustment is all the way in or does not work, you will need to replace the fill valve. You could also try bending the metal rod holding the ball, but only as a last resort.
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Dripping feed pipe

Hi, Your problem is not with the flapper, although it is a good idea the change that periodically also... The prolem you are having is with the fill valve. There is dirt in the fill valve which does two things. It blocks the water flow into the toilet and it also prevents the valve from shutting off completely. Depending on what kind of valve you have, you can easily clean it out. But most vlaves need to be replaced if you start to have this problem. If your valve looks like this then you can clean it by taking the top off and flushing out the valve... If you do not have a cleanable fill valve then I would suggest looking for one of these fill valves and making the replacement. It really is not hard to do and you will have a better cleanable valve in your toilet. heatman101
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Toilet has dripping sound - NOT the flapper

As long as the chain on the flapper is slack after it flushes it will seal.then put some weight on the flapper just to experiment to ensure a tight seal.if you can see the drain elbow under the toilet in the basement with the ceiling exposing the drain that would be the guaranteed way to know for sure. I am assuming you have done that.Last but not least the small line on the fill valve that goes into the overflow could be weeping from the fill valve as this is the bowl wash.. So it will drip or sometimes it runs a bit . If this helps
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Running Toilet Water is running continuously while flapper is tight (looks like new). Level is above the Flush Valve Assembly tube. I noticed water is slowly dripping from Fill Valve head. Toilet is 2.5 yo. I adjusted the screw at the top of Fill Valve but it did not have any effect. The floater is released and floating at the water level but. I can't seem to move it up to stop the flow. Also where is the water going into - sewage? because I do not see it coming outside the tank to the bowl and floor is dry. Are there any manuals for troubleshooting it or maintenance?

Sounds like your flush valve is shot. They are not that expensive and can be easily replaced. Overtime the rubber in the flush valves break down and need to be replaced. Easier to replace the entire valve than fix the old one. Semper Fi, Z
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Toiliet Drips in bowl for a while after you flush

Check flapper out and adjust water level in tank to proper level. If you get level right and it still does drip it sounds like the flapper is not sealing correctly to shut off water. Toilet flappers are not to expensive and you can touch it with your hand and if you get a black residue off on your hands that a sign it needs replacing.
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Leak at water supply into tank.

Seams like you have a hair line crack in the intake pipe. I would recomend replaceing it to solve your problem.
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Kohler one-piece lowboy..rialto? leaks from suply below tank

No, tsolder is absolutly right about everything he says. I am not as daring as he is so I will be paying big $$ for the parts..
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After flushing, water fills up tank and continues

Your problem is the water fill valve. Check this link.'s not the flapper or flush valve.
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