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Toilet fills up very very slow

Takes 10-15 min to fill up the water tank

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How to Fix a Toilet That Takes Too Long to Fill - Home Guides

A toilet that takes too long to fill might have any number of issues ... Slow-filling toilets are ... A High-Pitched Noise When the Toilet Fills Back Up With ...
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How to Fix a Slow Filling Toilet - YouTube

Aug 05, 2013 · How to fix a slow filling toilet. If your toilet is slow to fill, chances are the inlet valve diaphragm is blocked or distorted.It easy to clean the inlet ...

My toilet is filling very slowly with a Fluidmaster valve ...

My toilet is filling very slowly. Sometimes it sounds like it is filling up a drip at a time. What's wrong with it and how do I fix it?
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Toilet Tank won't fill up or is slow to fill | Slow filling ...

The most common reasons for a valve to slow down or no longer fill the tank after the flush are debris issues and the length of time a valve has been in use.
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How to Fix a Slow-Filling Toilet - Lowe's Home Improvement ...

Learn how to fix a slow-filling toilet with these simple plumbing tips. ... so cleaning should help open it up. If the fill valve seems to be working fine, ...
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3 Ways to Fix a Slow Toilet - wikiHow

Jun 05, 2016 · How to Fix a Slow Toilet. ... You can find these holes under the toilet rim. They propel water to fill the bowl ... "The whole article was very helpful and ...
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Toilet Tank Slow Fill Diagnostic help needed - The Home Depot

Hi all, My toilet fills very slowly, and is noisy while it fills. The noise comes from the valve being *almost* closed but not quite, and from water running out of ...
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10 Common Toliet Problems & the Solutions | Duell Plumbing ...

10 Common Toliet Problems & the ... as the toilet tank fills with water ... Water could be slowly siphoned from the bowl by a partial clog of toilet paper up in the ...
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How to Fix a Slow-Filling Toilet Tank | Hunker

How to Fix a Slow-Filling Toilet Tank ... some flappers are designed to slide up and off the tube. Install the new flapper by reversing the procedure.
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Leak at water supply into tank.

Seams like you have a hair line crack in the intake pipe. I would recomend replaceing it to solve your problem.
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What is causing my toilet cistern to fill very slow?

The fill valve (operated by the float) may be clogged with sand or debris from inside the pipe. It's generally easier to replace a fill valve than it is to take it apart & clean it.
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Uberhaus dual flush toilet power-assisted

Buy a simpler toilet less problems and you will sleep at night
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Toto fill valve continual problem, new toilet

There are cheep fill valves and ther better built fill valves, so make sure you buy aa quality fill valve. Also buy a pressuer gauge at ahard ware store and check water pressure level at a faucet outlet. Screw gauge onto water fauct leave a little room for air to escape when water is drippng out tighten the hose bib on the gage turn on the faucet and read the pressure. If it's more than 50 PSI you need to lower the water pressuer. I need to know if your on a, on site underground well,or are on city water to tell you what you need to do to to fix this problem. If there is one. thanks for using Fix-ya if you want more info post here. Avid101
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Toilet drains very very slow when flushed, then toilet empties down to the hole and will only fill up again when flushed. snaked everything so there appears to be no clog that we can tell, plus tub and sink drain fine. also, when toilet is filling up, water comes from both little tube on the right and also the valve thing on the left at the same time inside the back tank. also noticed that when the toilet is flushed, bubbles are coming in from the hole in bottom of toilet- and i think that is not supposed to happen when flushed as stuff is supposed to be going down instead right. toilet is new-worked for a couple weeks then just boom -it all came together. should i buy new guts or new toilet thanks you in advance for your help

Hi, The problem is not the toilet... changing it will only will only be wasting your money! The problem is in the plumbing...the air in the pipes has no place to go when the water comes from the toilet being it bubles up through and messes everything up... The vent pipe of the system is either frozen or it has sagged somewhere and is full of water.... You will need to find/figure out why the system cannot vent properly and get it fixed.... The vent pipe is the pipe that sticks out the top of your roof... something is blocking that pipe... heatman101
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American Standard Elongated toilet bowl water level slowly drops

The tank holding the proper amount of water is a good sign. The inside of the stool is like the GOOSE NECK under you sink. It always holds water. This may sound like a bit of a hassle to do but if all 3 toilets are identical, here is what you can try if you are a bit handy. Go to the hardware store and purchase 4 toilet wax rings with a plastic flange and a few sets of toilet floor flange bolts(they are cheap and you can always return if not used, as It is better to have xtra parts on hand). Turn off the water supply to the "Mystery Toilet". Leave the tank and everything connected to the stool. Flush the toilet and remove all excess water from the tank and bowl. This can be done with a shop vac, sponge or towel. Disconnect the water supply to the tank. Remove the bolts holding the stool to the floor and carefully remove toilet. Scrap off all the old wax from the floor flange and bottom of stool. Now go and repeat this proceedure to one of the toilets that is working properly. In other words Switch the "Mystery Toilet" with a "Working Toilet" and see how they react. If the working toilet does it in the same bathroom and the "Mystery Toilet" does not do it in the other bathroom then you probably have a VENTING PROBLEM. If the "Mysery Toilet" Does it in the other bathroom then you most likely have a Defective Toilet. This Job is best done by 2 people, as it can sometimes be challenging to center the new wax ring on the toilet flange. Reconnect to the floor and reconnect water supply to the tanks. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN BOLTS to the floor flange as you may crack the toilet. All drain lines must be vented properly for water to flow. If you are curious check out drain venting on the internet. Also, sometimes a vent can become obstructed with debris, ice, bird nest, etc.. I would 1st check the vent on the roof visually and then have someone flush and listen. If you believe the vent is clear....Then do the toilet switch and go from there.....Hope this helps and Happy Holidays....Joe
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Cistern water won't fill to line

Yes it could be. Bend the rod that holds the ball into the water. This should do it. As far as the fill line. It is not imperative that it fills to the line. In fact it uses more water to do so. This is going to save you water anyway. Adjust your chain that lifts the flapper a little shorter so that it lifts the flapper up higher. This will stop you from having to flush the handle several times. Let me know if this works.
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