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Not enough hot water

I have a single handle delta faucet in my shower. When i turn the shower on,the water never get hot enough to shower in.There is plenty of water pressure, is there an adjustment I can make to increase the amount of hot water the valve puts out? I know it is not the water heater. All other faucets work fine. Thanks, Conway

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Water not hot enough coming from my power shower

The Redring Superflow 3000 was not produced after 2001. You can try calling the showerdoc 0131-538-4343 or going to
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I'm not sure what brands my faucet or handles are.

You can remove the center (Diverter valve) without turning water off, Will need deep well socket. Check the o rings and or washers and replace or take valve to Home depot to match with new. If you can't find one there go to local plumbing supply or ace. I turn hot then cold on and off real Quick while the valve is out just to clear anything that might be in lines. stand to the side or you will get wet! You might want to get new hot and cold valves while your at it just make sure to turn off water at meter before you remove them.
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Thank you for reading this. I am a non-technical home owner. I have a Groge Atrio shower with a thermostat mixer in the wall. The water does not get hot enough so I need to adjust it upward. Do I remove handle from stem then faceplate at shower wall and then have access to the thermostat mixer? I suppose then there is an accessible adjustment valve where I can increase the relative hot water flow? thanks.

You didn't mention what model you have. Here is a link to their web site. You can download a manual, that has detailed instructions on how to adjust. You should have a thermometer to measure water temperature to adjust properly. Go to : You can identify your model, and then download the technical product information. Also check the temperature of other faucets in the house to be sure they are getting hot enough, and not a water heater temp problem.
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Water delivery is not hot

Possible bad faucet cartridge, or recirculation check valve.:
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I cannot get the water hot enough and maitain the water pressure. The groved thing in center (after removing all hardware and sace plate) is missing the red/blue clips. I am a complete novice and don't even know the names of parts ie like euschueon or whatever. I am desperate..I am tired of no pressure or not hot enough. How do I adjust the groved thing and with what and which way do you turn it...left or right and how much? I have tried adjusting the left and right screw...when I set them both there is no water flow..just I slowly adjust each with the shower on and cannot get the correct balance of pressure and hot water heater is at max and the water in kitchen and sinks is very very do I adjust the groved thing in the ceter which just happens to be missing any colored clips..and what do I use? HELP

Pegasus is a home depot product u need to adjust ur anti scald setting the valve is shipped in cold position it should have a red and blue plastic clips that go over the grooved thing call pegasus customer service at 1888 328-2383 they should be able to assist u with ur problem if u need parts or how to adjust the anti scald system
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Not enough hot water

Some higher end models do have an adjustment that is behind the face plate. You would have to remove the handle and the screws in the faceplate to expose them. If you have adjustments they will be located on the brass valve body facing you. You will need a flashlight and a flathead screwdriver to make the adjustment. If your model is not equipped with adjustments you could have a faulty valve stem. The stem is comprised of a rubber band like gasket that separates port holes into which the waters flow. There could be some piece of trash blocking the port not allowing adequate water from the hot side into the valve.Some valves stems are also able to be installed upside down causing the same issue as the ports do not rotate fully to allow adequate supply. However you say that you have adequate pressure on the hot side but not warm enough. There is another possibility also based on the way the shower supply was plumbed but there is no need to go into this unless this does not resolve your issue. I hope this is of assistance and thanks for using Fix Ya. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
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Jacuzzi Hot Water Heating Capacity

Depending on how you heat the hot water, whether gas or electric, is a missing detail in your problem, but if it is electric then your problem is the size, being only 40 gal, and needing probably about that to fill the tub, will always lead to your current position. If the hot water heater is gas, the chances of it keeping up are slightly better, but again things like the temperature of the water leaving the tank, any mixing valves, etc. will effect the water temp at your tub.  Before raising any temps, make sure you follow local code, as not to scald yourself or others.
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We are having issues with getting hot water in our shower. The water in the sink is very hot, but the water in the shower gets a little bit hotter than warm. I have read that on some fixtures there is a setting inside the knob that can be adjusted for hot water. We moved into a home that was built in the 40's so the fixtures in the bathroom are older. As far as I can tell they do not have the adjuster in them. They are the type that has a hot water knob and a cold water knob (there is not a brand name anywhere on them). The hot water heater has been adjusted so that is not the problem. Any suggestions?? I am dying to take a nice hot shower.

Check the mixing valve. It is most likely plugged up on the hot side.
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