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I had mirrors installed in wooden frames using mirror mastic and about a month later circles and lines appeared in the mirror and I can't get rid of them, is there any product that will help or do I have to have them broken and reinstalled

Posted by tkachigian on Sep 06, 2011

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I had mirrors installed in wooden frames using mirror mastic and about a month later circles and lines appeared in the mirror and I can't get rid of them, is there any product that will help or do I have to have them broken and reinstalled

I would say the latter, it sounds as thought the fixing mastic has attacked the silvering at the back of the mirror.
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What is the best way to get rid of Springtail bugs in bathrooms?

Tea tree oil.
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We just had it installed, Kitchen counter top, moss Green in color -Corian moving coffee pots with rubber feet leaves scuff marks , plates ceramic or china leaves scuff marks also , and they can not be washed off . and if you buff it with a soft pad, it still comes back The color is wonderful in our Kitchen , but my wife says get rid of it as she says for the price 5K she does not want to have it buffed out every month , I though it was a good surface and now I am suspicious of the supplier , is he making it right ? cutting corners . we know people who have had the product for years, and they are happy. Home Depot was the seller , but a contracting Co installed and made up the product , any answers

Countertops Cleaning All Finishes Most dirt & residue Use soapy water, ammonia based cleaner (not window cleaner), rinse and wipe completely dry. Commercially available solid surface cleaners, such as Clean EnCounters® will also work well. Preventing hard water marks Rinse and wipe completely dry after cleaning; clean up spills before they dry. Removing hard water marks Use a cleaner formulated for removing hard water marks such as CLR or Lime-A-Way. Difficult residue Spray residue with Deep Cleaner for DuPont Corian® from Stone Care International. Follow instructions on the bottle. Wash area with soapy water, rinse and wipe completely dry. If residue persists, follow steps below for removing dulling film. Disinfecting Occasionally, wipe surface with diluted household bleach (1 part water/1 part bleach). Rinse top thoroughly with water and wipe completely dry.Preventing Heat Damage While Corian® is heat resistant, as with all countertop materials, it is important to minimize direct heat exposure to protect your surface and investment. DO NOT PLACE HOT POTS, PANS, ETC. DIRECTLY ON THE COUNTERTOP SURFACE. Always use heat trivets or hot pads when placing hot objects on any surface. Always use a trivet under portable heat generating appliances such as a toaster oven. Allow cookware to cool before placing it into a Corian® sink. Preventing Other Damage In most cases Corian® can be repaired if damaged. Be sure to follow these guidelines to help you prevent any permanent damage to your Corian®. Avoid getting strong chemicals, such as paint removers, oven cleaners, etc., on your Corian® countertop. If a spill does occur, promptly flush the surface with water to fully rinse off the chemical. Do not cut directly on Corian® countertops. Use a cutting board. Boiling water alone will not damage your Corian® sink, however it is a recommended practice to run cold water from the faucet while pouring boiling water into the sink. Removing fine scratches or a blotchy appearance You may notice that the surface of your countertop begins to look blotchy. Typically, this is caused by leaving hard water to dry on the surface which will leave a film of minerals. To remove this film: Pour some mild abrasive liquid cleanser, such as Soft Scrub®, on a damp sponge or cloth and rub over area using small circular motions, from the front to the back, then side to side, overlapping the circles until the entire area has been cleaned. Thoroughly rinse the top with clean water and WIPE SURFACE COMPLETELY DRY. Check to see if blotchiness is gone. If not, repeat procedure applying more pressure on the sponge or rag. Continue over all affected areas until all film is removed.Your new Corian® installation entitles you to certain quality assurance standards as provided in this Residential Limited Warranty. To obtain information and service under this warranty, contact the source from whom you purchased your DuPont™ Corian® installation or DuPont at or call 1-800-426-7426.
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My shower door has a film on it. I have tried CLR

Hi,the film stain on your shower door is called soap scum which is made up of a mixture of soap,water deposits and dirts,these things can be frustrating, however i almost changed my shower door before i was told to try Cerama Bryte to clean the glass ceramic cooktop. After reading the instructions carefully, this product claimed to clean glass shower doors (like I haven't seen this before), I figured all I've got to lose is a few more calories cleaning those dang doors again, I'm surprised I haven't actually rubbed a hole into the glass by now. Here is what I did:1) Cleaned glass shower doors with CLR bathroom & kitchen cleaner. 2) Let dry overnight.3) Applied Cerama Bryte glass cleaner on to a dry Cerama Bryte cleaning pad and rubbed like heck in circles and let dry to a powder. 4) Wiped the powder off with a clean dry towel.5) Cleaned with straight vinegar to get the powder haze completely off. Your shower door is sparkling clean. Thanks and take care
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Mirror glued to wall

That's actually a pretty common method for professionally installing bathroom mirrors. As you mentioned, tape a star pattern on the mirror and then use a thin piece of piano type wire to slice through the adhesive. Keep the ends of the wire as close to the wall as possible while cutting so that you don't break the mirror. A local glass company can provide the best type of wire for the job as well as tips on the best way to get the job done - particularly if you imply that you'llbe buying your new miror from them. Be sure to wear leather palmed gloves and eye protection when doing this job!
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How do I get rid of bedbugs naturally??how do I keep them out of my stuffed furniture without having to get rid of it?????

Three things will kill them naturally, heat (above 120 degree F), food grade diatomacious earth and permethrin spray.Heat that high is hard to do alone, but you can contract (and I recommend you do based on your severity) a company to seal your outside doors and windows, and pump heat into your home for a few hours. This will kill all bedbugs(bb) in all stages of their life cycle. It takes a few hours at this heat to do so.Diatomaceous earth is a powder that acts like concertina wire to pretty much all bugs. So the bugs have to physically come in contact with it. It is safe for mammals; you and your pet can eat the food grade level. You should dust the areas where there is the most bugs. I would dust around and in the beds, furniture and wherever else you suspect bugs. This will only kill the bugs that are moving. Eggs are safe. Plus, you cannot get the dust everywhere where the bugs can hide.Permethrin is an oil extract from flowers. It is good against most arthopods and safe for mammals. The oil is diluted with water (I use hot or warm water) and applied by spraying. Depending on your spray applicator, you can spray into many places; however, it is only good for a about 24hrs. Direct contact is a must. It will kill bugs in all stages of life, but again, it must come in direct contact with them.So to summarize, diatomaceous earth (DE) in conjuction with permethrin can wipe out a small, isolated infestation. If the bugs have moved to multiple places, heat is the best option as a whole-house solution as DE and Permethrin will not get into all the nooks and crannies like inside the walls and electrical outlets. These bugs can and do hide anywhere!
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How to get rid of gnats in the house? - Home

You must have them either on house plants or you had rotting fruit left out at some point.
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How do I get rid of lint on my towels that goes everywhere in my bathroom including me

Hannah About Home has a pretty good article about this.
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Have ants We have several insect types at home: roaches, ants, silverfish, spiders. Will this repeller get rid of them? Also want to kill dust mites.

Ant Eliminator... Kills 'em dead... How to Get Rid of Ants Effectively Borax Ant Kill
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How to identify make and model of old whirlpool tub?

This is a problem common to all whirlpool/air jet style tubs. The pumps become air locked due to the water evaporating from lack of use. All tubs need, and have, SOME means of priming the pump, this is most likely what the problem was, originally, for you. This time in particular you found it to be electrical in nature but for future reference, for you and all who have these style of tubs, I am putting this out there. Some where on the tub, usually along the top edge of the tub is a vent knob that controls the amount of air that the pump is allowed to mix with the water for the jets, usually by closing this valve all the way (tub needs to be full of water of course) and running the pump for a minute or 2, you should be able to get the pump pumping water again, if not you may need to do something else with your particular set-up to get it purged of air, the pumps in jacuzzi tubs are designed to pump water, not air, so if the motor is running but you get no jet action, your most likely air locked and need to prime pump/purge air.
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