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Leak in the shower is leaking water through the ceiling

When we use the shower, water leaks through the ceiling.

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Water leaks from shower trays. ... Water marks on a ceiling below a leaking shower are common and the ... Water leaking through tile grout joints is a common ...
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Leak in the shower is leaking water through the ceiling

SInce it is wet both under and behind the shower I would rule out the drain floor pan and drain system and think it most likely to be the pipe leaking from the mixing faucets to the shower head. Find studs directly behind shower faucet, n each side. Locate the center of the studs and put vertical lines up and down on the center line of the two studs closes to but outside the shower  faucet on each side. Approximate 6 inches or so  up and down for the height of the shower faucet (Valve, not head) Put Horizontal lines across between the two line at both the top and the bottom/ You now have a square.Using a Razor knife(Sometimes called a box knife, stanley 99a for example) cut into the lines of the square back and forth as deep as you can. Cut an x  acrossthe square corner to corner again as deep as you can . Lightly hit the center of the x until the drywall caves in . Cut the remaining drywall out for the square. Now while  the shower is running you will be able to see whee the leak is. Use pipe seal after disassembling the loose fiting or repair the leak iun what ever manner is necessary. Replace and repair the hole made in the drywall  with another piece of drywall, tape and joint cement. . 
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Shower stall in master bath of a 15 yr old home. the shower started having water problems after about 1 year, leaking water onto the drywall next to the stall. we have tried everything-recalking, sealing the grout, checking plumbing to see if it was leaking. about 5 years ago, we took the whole shower down to the studs and started over-we retiled, grouted, sealed, and calked. water problems again with wetness on the drywall. we pulled out the calk to recalk again, the shower has not been used for 3 days, and water is still seeping out between the tile and shower pan. who should we call to fix this problem?

Did you use plastic pipe? What about the shower head? Does it have a rubber o-ring in it? Pull the pipe out of the wall at the shower head and peek inside for the o-ring. If it is there, just snug up the pipe, do not over tighten. We were ready with crow bars in hand to destroy a brand new shower we just finished, because we thought we had w broken pipe, Then the owner says he torqued up the shower head as tight as he could and I read where it had to be just finger tight. One more place to check is the faucet itself, take off the trim ring and look in there for drips. It could be filling up the wall cavity and stay wet for days. I would take apart the drywall on the other side before busting up the tile again. Check it out.
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How to stop water getting inside a single leaver shower faucet?

Quite possibly there is a broken O ring inside the faucet .
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I have a Moen shower faucet that is six years old(copper sweated plumbing). My wife noticed water dripping profusely from the downstairs ceiling during my shower. The screws holding the face plate were very loose. I tightened the 2 screws then ran the cold water for at least five minutes. It did not leak. My wife then took a shower and it began to leak almost immediately again. I inspected the exposed drainpipe below and nothing was leaking from that area. Any ideas?

Try removing the handle, then the face plate. With a flashlight handy, check inside the wall around the valve to see if you see any leaks. Then, try the valve by pulling the stem (may need a plier to grab this). Keep checking inside the wall. Next, try the shower, and again watch in the hole you have. You may find that the connection(s) to the valve is/are leaking, particularly at the top of the valve where the shower pipe heads up the wall. Or, it may be that the shower head's arm is leaking somewhere above. If you only see water dripping down from above, try the flashlight with a small make-up mirror to see if you can see where it's coming from. Sometimes the pressure in the shower head builds up from the flow restrictor, or the head's spray holes may need cleaning out (try soaking the head in a solution of CLR [stands for Calcium, Lime, Rust] available at most home improvement/ hardware stores). Sometimes the shower arm (the bent 1/2" diameter pipe that the shower head mounts to) isn't fastened in tightly enough. A good trick to help here is to wrap the threads with teflon tape, then apply teflon paste also. Wrap the tape clockwise around the threads so that it doesn't unwrap when you screw the pipe back into the fitting in the wall. Also, make sure the threads in the fitting in the wall are cleaned out, and don't let any debris contaminate the new teflon paste as you slip it back through the hole in the wall. If you find that the pipe out of the top of the valve is leaking, I recommend you call the plumber. He/she can likely fix it without taking the wall apart.
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TR 019 STEAM SHOWER leaking water from every jet, body jet , foot massage, shower head, top shower head when in off position

Tr019 is a type of control panel that operates the electrical features in a steam shower cabin, usually found in Chinese products. The issue you have is with the valve, in particular the on/off valve. These can be replaced individually or as a complete new valve . This company in uk sell them http://
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Ceiling mounted shower head (Danze) leaks water for a good 30-40 seconds long after being turned off

You really can not because of the overhead piping holds lots of water and so does this big head....that is just normal for these things...i am a licensed plumber for over 34 years and have done these...its just draining out all the overhead water....
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Walk in shower leak into room below

Water leaks into room below most likely is caused by water ingress from damaged caulking between tiles. For big water leaks, better look for other root causes. For example, my walk-in shower room wall installed with 4 Hangsgrohe bodyspray heads (BODYSPRAY, AKTIVA, ITEM SKU: 28451821). These bodyspray shutoff valve is independent of shower head shutoff valve. So shower head works fine. But when bodyspray shutoff valve is turned on, water leaks heavily like waterfall into below living room. I cut out wet damaged sheetrock of the ceiling from the living room and found the leak was from one of the 4 spray heads. Overhauling the suspected bobyspray turned out its coupling was loose and nozzle holes was partially blocked by calcium buildup, which caused water to go back into the wall. It's considered design defect as the bobyspray coupling may lose once got whacked for whatever reason.
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My mira elite 2 shower is leaking,The flow and tempt is ok. but the leak has got worse and it is cold water the leak is not from the hose that is connected to the shower head. It only leak when its on

The fact it is cold water means the leak is internal from the heater or the inlet and that is potentially bad news due to the presence of electricity in there. The shower must not be used until a competent person has removed the cover, located the leak and carried out the necessary repairs.
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