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Cold water suply filling up header tank in loft thru hot water suply on shower.

Have just installed a new power shower with shower pump, A trevi 45 twin pump. Now have this problem with the cold water suply filling up the header tank in the loft thru the hot water suply pushing all the hot water thru the tank into the header tank in the loft out the over flow into the road. This only hapens when the shower is not switched on. Can you help please is it the pump or the mixer tap on the shower at fault.

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Cold water suply filling up header tank in loft thru hot water suply on shower.

Hi did you run a seperate cold water supply from the storage tank to the shower pump & also a seperate hot supply from the hot water cylinder, it sounds as though the cold water is crossing into the hot service & pushing its way up to the tank as its the only way it can go, sounds as though the cold water connection to the shower is not tank fed & possibly directly off the water main.?
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Posi -temp shower fixture. Can't seem to regulate the hot water. When the hot tank rest over night its temperature goes down. So if you take a shower in the morning then only luke warm water at best. During when the hot water tank is used for other household applications ( more daytime use) the hot water has a higher temperature and you have turn the shower down (add cold water) or else it becomes too hot. So how can we regulate the shower temperature? I'm having the hot water tank inspected for its operation but is there other solutions we should be looking at? thanks for your advice-- liard_acres

That sounds like the thermocouple within the heater to me.There are 2 sections within the thermocouple.A reference section(what you want it to be) and an actual reading section.The difference between the 2 twists 2 pieces of metal which are different elements and causes a signal to activate/deactivate heater.It is simple but surprisingly accurate usually within 2 degrees F.Whatever is going on,it seems awful backwards.Checking the heater is definitely the best first choice.The shower hood is not likely to affect the system unless it had it's own heat or something.That is not the 'normal'function though.Also,after you do get it fixed,we have our water temperature set so that taking a shower requires very little cold water.Saves on water and power because hot hot water is only really needed if you have infants.Ours may be about 140F,150F,160F,don't remember exact and it's hard to access.Set a temp and let sit 24 hours and try it after it's fixed.Probably adjust in about 10 or 15 degree increments,depending how far off it feels compared to what is tolerable.Good luck,Greg If you have any questions or need more help,just comment here and I will get an autolink to your post and reply ASAP.Greg
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Moen single handled shower the hot water turns cooler then cold after a minute

Your whole house is likely plumbed wrong so that it is impossible to have equal pressures of both hot and cold at your shower. If you had your home plumbed with aquapex using a radiator for the hot water and a radiator for the cold water and have the radiators fed with a 1 inch line you can have close to perfect pressures.
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My Bristan Meridian Show start ok with hot water then after a few minutes the water runs cold. Even if you try and increase the temp it still remains cold. You can switch of the shower and start again and it will come hot again but will also go cold very quickly. The hot water system is a standard tank type with a shower pump. The fault only started when we increased the temp of the boiler water due to the cold spell. I've heard you can reset the Meridian show in some way but cannot find out how to do it. Anu help would be gratefully recieved. Many thanks, Graham

It sounds like 1 of 2 things to me. I will start wit hot water heater. The first test for the water heater is to have someone run the hot water while you hold the hot and cold pipes and see if the water is coming out of the water heater cold when the shower goes cold. Of the water heater is cold coming out then the problem is in the heater. ether a lower element is bad or the dip tube is broken at the top of the tank. if the hot water heater continues to put out hot water when the shower goes cold then it has to be the mixing valve for the hot and cold mix at the shower and that valve will have to be repaired or replaced. hope this gives you a good start. let me know if I can help further.
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We installed a new singel handled faucte in our shower and now we are running out of hot water. this never happened in this house before. we always have plenty of hot water, i called delta and they said that if the pressure in the hot and cold line are not constent that the faucet will shut off the water, or go to all cold. they told me to get a bigger hot water tank when there is nothing worng with mine. there has to be an better souliton.

The way the faucet cartridge is designed it will protect you from large changes in water pressure. This can happen if someone is useing the shower and someone else flushes a tolet there is a sliding valve in the cartridge that will close off hot water supply to protect you from getting scalded.If you are not getting hot enough water there are adjustment you can make to increase the maximum setting. As long as you are getting good hot water supply in other fixtures in your house I doubt that changeing the water heater is going to help. I think that you may have a defective cartridge and I would call delta again and give them another chance. They generally have very good customer service, and perhaps the one you talked do did not understand that you have good hot water supply elsewhere. If you do not have hot enough water to shower valve that can eaisily adjusted by removing set screw that holds the handle on and remove the handle.If there is a white temp. limit disc on the stem then remove it. Slid the chrome sleeve from around the valve body off. You should see a disc that you can slid out a little and rotate to the left a small amount. This adjusting disc and its mating surface have teeth on them that mate. There should be marks on the valve and disc with a arrow on them to show which way to turn for hotter water.Reassemble and check. If your water starts out hot and then gets cooler while being used and you still have hot water in other places then I think you have a defective cartridge. It should be under warranty. Hope this helps you some. Good luck and thank you.
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Warm water in shower and cold in sink

How long has this been like this? Have you replaced any faucets, or have you installed a new water heater recently?
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We are having issues with getting hot water in our shower. The water in the sink is very hot, but the water in the shower gets a little bit hotter than warm. I have read that on some fixtures there is a setting inside the knob that can be adjusted for hot water. We moved into a home that was built in the 40's so the fixtures in the bathroom are older. As far as I can tell they do not have the adjuster in them. They are the type that has a hot water knob and a cold water knob (there is not a brand name anywhere on them). The hot water heater has been adjusted so that is not the problem. Any suggestions?? I am dying to take a nice hot shower.

Check the mixing valve. It is most likely plugged up on the hot side.
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We have a home that is 3 years old. We never used the 3rd bathroom shower until today. We have a Moen single knobe shower/bath valve. To get water from the faucet you pull the knob out. To adjust the water temp - Left for hot and right for cold. When rotated to the left for hot the water shuts off. When rotated to the right we get only cold water. Could the valve be installed wrong or could the cartridge be installed wrong? Kevin

Remove handle to gain acess to the temperature limit stop. Remove handle and pull out handle adapter kit and next there is a dail that can be adjusted to control the water to balance the temp. It could have been installed wrong, pay attention to where it is now and pull it back to it disengages out of the stem and move it counter clockwise a little and reinstall. Put handle on and test water for correct movement. Go to link below for a part's diagram if needed. TO ORDER PARTS CALL: 1-800-465-6130
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