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Flapper valve I installed a new 1.6 GPF toilet yesterday. ( TK Patriot Space Saver 6001058 Part number 141215096.) When flushing, the flapper valve closes too quickly not letting enough water out of the tank to do an adequate flush. I have not changed the lenght of the flapper valve lift chain from where the factory had it set. It appears to have a little slack when flapper valve is closed. What do I do to keep this valve open longer?

Posted by hlouisd on Sep 23, 2008

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Flapper valve I installed a new 1.6 GPF toilet yesterday. ( TK Patriot Space Saver 6001058 Part number 141215096.) When flushing, the flapper valve closes too quickly not letting enough water out of the tank to do an adequate flush. I have not changed the lenght of the flapper valve lift chain from where the factory had it set. It appears to have a little slack when flapper valve is closed. What do I do to keep this valve open longer?

You will need to adjust the chain. They are just clipped at any point when coming from the factory not at the opyimal length. It will take a little effort to find the desired length as sometimes the trick to getting the valve to remain open longer is opposite of what one would expect. I mean there is a point to where there will be more slack in the line than you might expect to get the valve to stay open for the optimal duration. Hope this helps you.
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Black staining inside toilet bowl (From a Rubber Part???)

Hello R Bell, I would first check to see if your incoming flexible water line, the braided one from the wall to the toilet, is starting to break down inside. It's possible that your water has some trace minerals that are reacting with your home's copper water lines. I'm assuming you've got copper pipes, simply based on the color of the stains you're seeing. Typically, the stains will be either a green/blue or black color when certain minerals are present in the water supply that is flowing through your copper pipes. Further, I would suggest that you might want to look at the water connection coming from the wall or floor, to your Toto toilet, as you might see some staining inside the valve and hose. Just be sure to turn the water valve off first and have some rags handy to soak up any spills. You might also want to have your water tested (most Sears stores do this for free - they use it as an opportunity to sell water treatment systems and softeners). Just get the test results and tell them you'll get back to them later. You might discover that you have some trace minerals that are reacting with the copper lines and that is the source of your stains. To get rid of the stains, get some CLR at any home improvement, hardware, K-mart, Target, or such stores. This will disolve and remove the stains so the toilet looks like new, without harming the finish one bit. I would also suggest that you might consider changing the water supply flexible hose from the house to the toilet, just to be covered, as it might be failing too. Your toilet doesn't use a standard Flapper valve, so don't go tearing the integral valve apart looking for a black, rubber like material - there isn't one in the Toto Neorest line. It is a very nice toilet in both looks and function and you don't want to tear into a $5000+ toilet unless you know what you're doing. Save yourself the aggravation and time, as you won't find anything inside the toilet casing the problem. With such an expensive toilet as you've got, it shouldn't be an issue of having it clean and functional without anything more than a normal, periodic cleaning. There are some inserts (neutralizing metals) that you can get to offset any water issues. You'll need to go to a better plumbing fixture supply house to get them thou, so save that for your last resort to resolve the problem, as you'll need the water test results to get the right ones anyway. Think of it like pool chemicals to keep the water balanced, etc. (that's an over simplification but you get the idea) I hope you find this Very Helpful and best regards!
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Kohler Cimmaron Toilet Flush

You might want to check the flush cylinder, to see if it has water in it. It has to be water free, that way the air in it, lets it go down easier, during fill up.
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I am not sure of the Am Std model, but it is a low...

This is a copy of a post I anwered for another person with a similar problem. From your description it sounds like the flushing orifices are plugged. The orifices are the little holes around the bowl or the big hole in the throat of some. A simple way to check if this is the problem is to get a bucket with aprox 2.5 gallons of water in it and pour it directly into the bowl and see if it goes right down. If it does, the orifices are plugged. Two of the most common causes of clogged orifices are hard water deposits and bowl cleaner cakes that drop in the tank. In the case of hard water deposits, we usualy acid clean the stool with muratic acid introduced through the flush valve. Be VERY careful when doing this, as the fumes are VERY dangerous and it can discolor colored porcilyn. May want to hire a plumber to do this. As for the cleaning cakes. You can pour some tap hot water through flush valve and dig into hole with wire hanger to remove as much as possible. I hope this helps.
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Eljer 0220 toilet leaks from tank to bowl, then fill valve spurts out water from top and around the edges, and also through the tube that goes to the overflow. Replaced the flapper, but still leaks. Also cleaned the area under the flapper, tried different lengths of chain and bending the ball arm to adjust the water fill level. Nothing has worked. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Hi,I have spent then past 13 years doing maintenance work and have seen this a lot. First the flapper could be warped even if new might try replacing.Second you will need to replace the the fill valve with new,I recomend Fluidmaster brand.
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Just installed the cadet 3 and here is what is happening. First let me say that the toilet it replaced was working good. The water filled very slow and the bowl would not fill much. I messed with the fluidmaster valve as per directions and it did not help. I then replaced it and now it fill quickly, so that part is fixed but the bowl does not seem to have enough water in it (the tank is full to 1/2" below overflow tube) and when you flush it the flapper closes so fast it does not let the tank empty completly. I have adjusted the chain every way possible and even pulled it by hand all the way up and it still slaps closed before the tank is empty. So the 2 problems now are not enough water in the bowl and the flapper slaps closed to quickly. Remember this is a brand new toilet.

The amount of water in any toilet bowl is determined by its construction and no tank adjustment will ever change that. American Standard has a history of having small water surface areas in their low or ultra low flush toilets. Take a large container of water and pour directly into the bowl. If the ending level remains the same, then that is the manufactured level for your toilet. Not all tanks completely discharge all of the water when flushed. Measure 1.5 gallons of water into a container. Turn off your water supply to the toilet then flush normally. Replace the water in the tank with your premeasured amount and observe this new water level. You might be surprised to find it is at the same level it always is. Since water weighs more than 8 pounds per gallon, one concept used in todays toilets is to have more than 1.5 gallons of water in the tank and use the extra weight push the water past the flapper at a faster rate while designing the flapper to drop after only 1.5 gallons have passed through.
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Need to replace all the parts inside the tank of Jacuzzi toilet

I'm looking for the water and flush valve for a jacuzzi toilet, model SWP2959.
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Toilet Refills Every 15-Minutes

I have minute amount of leakage into the bowl causing mold to grow. I believe that it may be the rubber seal for the flapper body to the porcelain.
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